Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Overnight Bed - MINIMAL GREY

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is a safe place for baby to rest and sleep, day and night. Tested to the very latest and most relevant safety standards for a baby’s overnight bed, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the first of its kind to be certified for unsupervised, overnight sleep from birth.  

Firm sides are essential for stopping baby from being able to roll out of bed, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed sides are strong enough to keep baby safe inside, whilst still being soft to touch. Using a sustainably sourced filling by Dupont and innovative breathable panels and base, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed provides a healthy and safe sleeping environment day and night.  

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed includes a firm flat base essential for overnight, unsupervised sleep. Every part of the bed can be fully washed, including the easily removable base that can be wiped clean 

Easily portable with luxury travel bag, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is an essential for any tired new parent, night or day, home or away.