Babycurls Toilet Training Seat Kids Non Slip with Splash Guard White/Grey

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The Babycurls Deluxe Training Seat has been designed so your child is comfortable and safe while learning to use the toilet. It is made from sturdy plastic and has a non-slip rubber base to hold it securely in place giving the child confidence.The Babycurls Toilet Training Seat fits most standard toilets securely.


✔ NON SLIP TOILET TRAINING SEAT: The rubber base of the Babycurls kids loo seat keeps it securely in place and unable to move giving the child assurance & confidence when learning to potty train.
✔ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL STANDARD SHAPED TOILET SEATS: The Babycurls Toilet Seat is compatible with all your standard oval and round shaped toilet seats.
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The design is practical too, it is lightweight and easily portable so you can take it with you on days out as well as using it at home.
✔ SPLASH GUARD: High splash guard to prevent wee from spilling out and keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.
✔ EASY TO CLEAN: The Babycurls toilet seat is an easy to clean surface, i moist baby wipe across the surface will clean any stains and residue.