Babycurls Non-Slip Toddler Step Stool Ocean Theme Safe & Sturdy 16cm Height Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Helper

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Introducing the Babycurls Non-Slip Ocean Themed Toddler Step Stool – the ultimate companion for your little one's everyday adventures in the bathroom, kitchen, and beyond. Designed with your child's safety and independence in mind, our Babycurls step stool is a reliable solution to help them reach new heights with confidence.


✔ Slip-Resistant Confidence: Our step stool features a soft grip rubber surface that ensures your child's footing is secure, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Whether it's time for potty training or reaching the sink to wash tiny hands, you can trust that the Babycurls Step Stool has got your child covered.
✔ Perfect Height Step Stool + Max Weight 100kg: The Babycurls step stool is 16cm high and the perfect height for children to reach the sink to clean teeth & wash hands + can be used by adults with a maximum weight of 100kg.
✔ Potty Training Partner: Say goodbye to the struggles of potty training. The Babycurls Ocean step stool becomes an invaluable aid during this crucial phase, allowing your child to reach the toilet with ease and build their self-sufficiency.
✔ Child Safety First: Crafted with sturdy and durable materials, The Babycurls Step Stool ensures your child's safety is paramount. The thoughtful design includes rounded corners and a stable base to prevent wobbling, granting parents peace of mind while their little one explores the world around them.
✔ Portable Perfection: Our Babycurls Ocean step stool's lightweight and portable design makes it a versatile companion both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's assisting in the kitchen, aiding in the bathroom, or reaching for toys on a playdate, the SteadySteps stool is ready to accompany your child on their daily endeavours.