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Enchantimals Food Stand with Monkey Doll and Pet

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Enchantimals Food Stand with Monkey Doll and Pet

By Enchantimals

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Let  this  Enchantimals™  play  set  enchant  you - an  exclusive  Enchantimals™  Merit  Monkey™  doll  and  Compass,  her  monkey  friend,  have  a  fruit  cart  with  treats  to  feed  their  forest  friends.  

It's  ready  to  roll  with  two  bright  yellow  wheels,  a  pink  push  handle,  shelves  and  a  hook  to  display  the  fruity  treats.  There  are  a  bunch  of  bananas,  a  pineapple,  a  basket,  a  jug  and  two  fruity  drinks  that  look  good  enough  to  eat  and  drink!  

Merit  Monkey™  doll  is  ready  to  serve  up  fun  wearing  a  colourful  look  with  floral  print  on  the  removable  skirt  and  matching  yellow  boots.  This  lucky  guardian  of  the  forest  looks  magical  with  pretty  brown  hair,  monkey  ears  and  a  curled  tail.  

Her  monkey  friend  Compass  is  just  as  cute  with  a  curly  tail  of  her  own  and  a  pink  flower  on  her  head.  

Kids  will  love  recreating  the  wonder  of  nature  and  celebrating  a  world  where  Caring  Is  Our  Everything™.  Collect  all  of  the  Enchantimals™  dolls  and  accessories  to  build  out  a  world  of  Enchantimals™  and  tell  enchanting  stories  of  your  own  (each  sold  separately,  subject  to  availability). 

Includes  Enchantimals™  Merit  Monkey™  doll  wearing  fashions  and  accessories,  Compass  monkey  friend,  one  juice  cart  and  themed  smaller  pieces.  Colours  and  decorations  may  vary.


  • Roll into fun with the fruit cart play set -- the exclusive Enchantimals™ Merit Monkey™ doll and her monkey bestie, Compass, have a fruit cart stocked with supplies!
  • The colourful fruit cart has two bright yellow wheels, a pink push handle, shelves and a hook to display the fruity treats.
  • Feed the forest with a bunch of bananas, a basket of berries, a pineapple, a jug and two fruity drinks.
  • The six-inch Merit Monkey™ doll is ready to serve up fun wearing a colourful look with floral print on the removable skirt and matching yellow boots. Pretty brown hair and monkey ears will delight animal lovers!
  • Compass is just as cute with a curly tail of its own and a pink flower on its head.
  • Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends, and collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals™ (each sold separately, subject to availability).


  • Merit  Monkey™  doll  wearing  fashions  and  accessories
  • Compass  monkey friend
  • Juice  cart
  • Themed  smaller  pieces

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