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Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes

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Lamaze Activity Toy - Octotunes

By Lamaze

£29.99   £24.99

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Lamaze Octotunes is a spectacular Octopus and one of a wonderful collection of soft, lovable toys that have been designed in conjunction with Lamaze International (an award-winning American childbirth and early parenting organisation) and Yale University Child Development Experts. They are designed to stimulate imagination and discovery by exploiting the senses and imagination as the child develops and grows.
Eyecatching, soft and cuddly, Lamaze Octotunes belongs to Stage One of the range-–a toy to "Awaken the Senses"--and it is aimed at babies from birth onwards. This is a time when vision, hearing and touch develop rapidly and the Octopus helps develop these senses. It is sturdy and at the same time beautifully soft and squashy. It is brightly coloured and contrasting, with various patterns. Each of its legs plays a note and put together these notes form a musical octave, which means tunes such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb", or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" can be picked out. (Obviously babies will require help!)
  • The Lamaze Infant Development System guides you through three key stages of your baby's development
  • Lamaze toys grow with babies. Toys are enjoyed in new ways as the-months go by
  • With every Lamaze play and grow toy you give, you help baby to
  • See - bright contrasting colours and pattens stimulate visio.
  • Hear - rattles, squeaks and crinkles develop auditory senses
  • Touch - different textures to grip and grab refine motor skills.
  • Imagine - lovable characters inspire pretend play ad enhance social skills

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