Taf Toys

Taf Toys have developed ‘four pillars’ that underpin all of their products. Toys need to encourage child development, have an innovative design and be safe and high quality. They also include sound or music vital to your baby’s early speech development. We stock Taf Toys that help baby to learn on the go, including mobiles and mirrors that fix on to car seats to help baby use travel time productively.

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Buy Now Taf Toys Car Mirror
The Taf Toys Car Mirror is a colourful and cute baby-safe curved mirror that provides and easy an..
Buy Now Taf Toys Car Wheel Toy
Helps baby to develop fine and gross motor skills by turning the wheel and gear lever and by push..
Buy Now Taf Toys Clip-On Pram Book
The 85cm Taf Toys Clip-On Pram Book is a super soft, beautifully illustrated, double-sided fabric..
Buy Now Taf Toys Development Walker
Help your baby towards his first steps with this 4 in 1 walker! The Taf Toys Developmental Walker..
Buy Now Taf Toys Feet Fun Kooky Car Toy
Keep baby amused when travelling with the Taf Toys Feet Fun Kooky Car Toy! This unique, richly co..
Buy Now Taf Toys Kooky Activity Bar
  The toy bar has three hanging activity toys including a colourful activity doll with j..
Buy Now Taf Toys Kooky Stroll 'n' Roll
The Taf Toys Kooky Stroll 'N Roll fits most strollers by means of sturdy and fully adjustable cli..
Buy Now Taf Toys Stacker Truck
  The colourful Taf toys stacker truck not only entertains baby, but develops motor skil..
Buy Now Taf Toys Smart Mat
Taf Toys Smart Mat is a puffy padded mat with multi‐textured surface and colorful illustrati..