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Pourty Potty - Grey Pourty Potty - Grey

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Pourty Potty - Grey

By Pourty Potty

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The brilliant new Pourty Potty is comfortable for boys and girls and much easier to empty and clean than a normal potty.

The Pourty potty won Best New Product to Market 2010/11 and is consistently rated 5/5 in potty reviews for quality, value for money and ease of use. Its features include:

  • wider flatter seating area which boys and girls find more comfortable to sit on than normal potties
  • high splash guard and deep bowl giving boys plenty of room while preventing pee escaping over the front of the potty
  • unique hygienic pouring duct in the back rest so that parent or child can pour the pee and poo out of the back away from where the child sits or touches
  • anti‐drip lip to prevent unpleasant dribbles and mess down the outside of the potty
  • sturdier plastic than most potties giving toddlers and babies more confidence that the potty will hold them.
  • The Pourty potty is perfect for potty training children from 12 months to 4 years’ old.

Potty ‐ The Pourty potty is the brilliant new baby and child’s potty that makes potty training boys and girls easier.

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