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mOmma Warm Plate, Bib and Soft Spoon Combo - Green mOmma Warm Plate, Bib and Soft Spoon Combo - Green mOmma Warm Plate, Bib and Soft Spoon Combo - Green

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  • Free Standard Delivery (Royal Mail Tracked 2-3 Days)
  • Express Delivery £1.99 (Royal Mail Tracked 1-2 Days)
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  • Australia Delivery £5.99 (Royal Mail Air Mail 7-14 Days)
  • US Delivery £5.99 (Royal Mail Air Mail 7-14 Days)
  • Europe Delivery £9.99 (International Tracked 5-10 Days)
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mOmma Warm Plate, Bib and Soft Spoon Combo - Green

By mOmma


With Free UK delivery
mOmma baby feeding products are cleverly designed especially for your baby:
Warm Plate
  • This two compartment plate includes a unique water chamber to keep baby’s food warm or cold!
  • Non-flip wide, round base design makes plate stable.
  • Non-slip rubber coating adheres plate to highchair and table surfaces to prevent spills and waste.
  • BPA Free
Soft Spoon
  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved award winner, the mOmma® spoon’s soft tip design is gentle on developing teeth and gums for maximum safety.
  • It Rocks! Unique rocking movement engages baby making mealtime fun, while also stimulating development and growth! Rocking movement prevents the tip of the spoon from coming into contact with surfaces for maximum hygiene.
  • Round, ergonomic shape designed for baby’s hands to easily grasp to ease introduction to independent feeding.
  • Hygienic cover is great when on the go and DOUBLES as an extendable handle to feed baby!
  • BPA Free
Soft Bib
  • Made of waterproof material, the bib effectively protects baby’s clothes from food and drink stains.
  • To dry and clean baby’s mouth, the product is supplied with a handy cotton bib that can be easily removed and replaced with the clean one. >>Two removable cotton bibs (refill).
  • The product has been designed with extensible laces which can be adapted to baby as he grows.
  • The product is made of silicon which is safe for contact with the skin and soft‐touch.

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