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Mummy & Bubby Mitts Combo - Black Mummy & Bubby Mitts Combo - Black

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Mummy & Bubby Mitts Combo - Black

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Treat both yourself and the little one with this great combo from Mummy Mitts.

Mummy Mitts:

Mummy Mitts make life so much easier. How many times do you put your gloves on or off when tending to your baby? Keep your hands warm without the inconvenience of constantly dropping or losing your gloves with Mummy Mitts.  Mummy mitts attach to the handle or handle bar of ANY pram or pushchair allowing you the convenience of removing your hands whilst the mittens remain attached. They are an absolute requirement for every parent!


  • The perfect solution to constantly having to remove your gloves
  • Warm, weatherproof, comfortable and durable
  • Polyester pongee/fleece
  • Universal fitting suitable for all pushchairs and prams
  • Removable and transferable
  • Multi position choices
  • Allow for quick release of hands
  • Patented and EU regd desig

Bubby Mitts:

Bubby Mitts attach to the sleeve of your child, avoiding the mittens getting lost. They can also be attached further up the sleeve of younger ones, so that they cannot be pulled off cold, little hands. An absolute must for any 12mth to 30mth old child that has a mind of their own!


  • No more lost mittens
  • Warm, weatherproof, comfortable and durable for your little bubby
  • Polyester pongee/fleece
  • Machine washable (remove clips first)
  • Universal clips, will attach to any clothing
  • They match your Mummy Mitts!
  • Patent pending and EU design regd

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