Koo-Di Bath Range

Koo-Di makes practical products to make life easier for parents! This range includes items to make bathtime safer and more comfortable for baby and parent, including a thermometer, toy caddie, parent kneeling mat and tap protector.

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Buy Now Koo-Di Bath Parent Kneeling Mat
This Koo‐di Parent Kneeling Mat is ideal for parents when bathing their baby. The anti slip surface and soft padding is kind to the knees making it the perfect protection for your knees whilst bathing your baby. The non‐slip base ensures the mat stays in place and it’s quick drying making it mildew resistant. This kneeling mat makes bath time a more comfortable experience and comes complete with a hanging hook for easy storing and drying. Ideal for parents when bathing their baby. Non slip to ensure it stays in place Anti slip surface and soft padding which is kind t..
Buy Now Koo-Di Bath Thermometer
This Koo‐di Bath Thermometer is a fun yet practical water thermometer for bath time with your baby or toddler. The heat spots change colour to indicate the temperature for bathing your baby and if the water is too hot then the thermometer will have the reading ’HOT’. Made from a soft plastic and easy to grip this is a great little bath thermometer for keeping baby in a safe and suitable bath water temperature at bath time. Fun yet practical water thermometer for bath time Heat spots change colour to indicate a safe temperature for bathing The words ’HOT’ glow in red if t..
Buy Now Koo-Di Fun Shower Toy
The Koo-di Squirty Shower Toy lets your little one sit in the bath and experience the joys of a refreshing shower. Make washing your baby or toddler's hair super fun and easy by simply securing the shower toy to any surface with the suction caps provided, then dropping the inlet face under water, push the smiley star face and watch as the water sprays out of the shower head. This bath toy also allows your little one to develop their hand/eye co-ordination as they explore all the functions. The shower head tilts allowing you to adjust the height of the shower to make it perfect for washing b..
Buy Now Koo-Di Squirty Bath Mat
Tippitoes Squirty makes bath time fun and playful, as the mat has colourful squirty buttons that when pressed squirt out water. For safety the mat secures to the bath with suction pads, has a non slip surface and also a clever heat sensor that indicates with the water is too hot.   Features: From 6 months Suctions secure attach to the bath Non slip surface Squirty buttons Padded mattress ..
Buy Now Prince Lionheart BATH Toy Hammock
The Stretchy hammock can be used in any room of the house. It includes three suction cups for perfect use in the bathtub or three hooks for use in any other room to conveniently get toys off the floor and out of the way!   Features: Prince Lionheart Multi Purpose Toy Hammock. Size expands up to 4 feet (1m20). Colour white . Hooks and suction cups included . It can be mounted in any room in the house . Help teach organisation skills at a young age . Hold toys up and out of the way. ..