Clippasafe Nursery Range

With the addition of certain helpful Clippasafe products like cot nets and night lights to waterproof sheets and room thermometers, your little one's territory will be a haven of comfort and safety!

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Buy Now Clippasafe Drawcord Shortener
Some things are best kept out of the reach of little hands, and window blind or curtain draw cords are certainly one of them. Everyone knows children love things they can push, pull and touch, with parents fighting an endless battle to keep youngsters out of harms way. With the risk of strangulation, curtain and window blind draw cords are definitely not an item you want your child to play with. The Drawcord Shortener comes in a pack of two, and can be easily fitted to any curtain or blind allowing you to wind up the cord to make sure it stays well out of your child’s reach...
Buy Now Clippasafe Electric Cable Shortener
Music centres, computers and lamps seem to result in a large collection of wires and cables running throughout our homes, and with children constantly on the go they can prove to be a trip hazard. Not only can they cause a nasty fall, excessively long flexes are also dangerous when it comes to entanglement accidents. It’s not an easy job trying to keep them hidden away and the more gadgets we get, the harder that job becomes! Electric Cable Shorteners will do the job for you, tidying away any trailing cables, from table lamps to small electrical appliances...
Buy Now Clippasafe Waterproof Mattress Sheet Cot (Medium, Cot Size)
Children are prone to little accidents ‐ it’s all part of growing up. Clippasafe Waterproof Mattress Sheets help you to clean up quickly and efficiently, making sure your child doesn’t get too embarrassed. This 122cm x 91cm, Clippasafe cot size protective sheet, made from PEVA, helps to keep the mattress dry and undamaged as no moisture can filter through. It comes complete with securing tapes so fitting the sheet is simple and hassle‐free. ..